The Pros and Cons of Buying a Condo Near the Skytrain

Condos near the Skytrain are an attractive option, especially for urban dwellers and city workers. The convenience of transportation is crucial for modern city life, where every minute counts. Traveling from home to work or other places needs to be as quick as possible. However, this convenience comes at a higher price. Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Advantages of Buying a Condo Near the Skytrain


  • Higher Scenic Views  Due to high land value and competition, especially in downtown areas, most condos near the Skytrain are high-rise buildings with dozens of floors. This allows you to enjoy beautiful city views from your bedroom balcony or communal areas.


  • Easy and Fast Travel  Say goodbye to the frustrating city traffic. Just a few steps from your room and you’re at the BTS or MRT station. You can quickly and conveniently travel to various destinations along the Skytrain route. For airport trips, the Airport Rail Link takes you directly to Suvarnabhumi Airport in no time.


  • Reduced Travel Costs  As long as your errands are within the Skytrain route, you won’t need to spend on fuel, taxis, or motorbike taxis. You might even save money by not needing to buy a car, avoiding expenses like insurance and maintenance, leaving only the cost of Skytrain travel.


  • High Resale and Rental Value  Condos near the Skytrain are always in demand, making it easier for owners to profit from selling or renting them out. Their convenient location ensures they fetch a higher price. Condos near the Skytrain priced under 2 million baht are especially sought after by working professionals with sufficient purchasing power.


  • Convenience in Community Areas  Skytrain stations are often located in community areas with ample amenities such as shops, restaurants, and banks. Some stations are even near shopping centers. Thus, condos near BTS and MRT stations benefit greatly from the surrounding community conveniences.


  • Safety and Security  Living in a condo near the Skytrain means you don’t have to worry about unsafe alleys or motorbike rides. The well-lit stations and bustling crowd help reduce the risk of crime during your travels. You can see your condo’s security post just a few steps from the station.


  • Mental Health Preservation  Condos near the Skytrain help you avoid travel-related stress, such as finding uncooperative taxis, enduring traffic jams, or waiting long for public buses. You also avoid long exposure to road pollution or the risk of road accidents.


Disadvantages of Buying a Condo Near the Skytrain

  • Smaller Living Space  Due to higher price per square meter, condos near the Skytrain offer less living space compared to similarly priced condos farther away. If your budget is limited, you’ll need to choose between a larger room or more convenient transportation.


  • Crowded and Less Private  You may lack privacy if your condo overlooks a BTS station, as passengers might see into your balcony or room. While MRT stations are underground and avoid this issue, all condos in busy community areas near main roads can be problematic for those who dislike crowds and traffic.


  • Noise Pollution  Noise pollution is inevitable, whether from the Skytrain station, road traffic, or community activities. These sounds can disturb your daily life and relaxation, especially in lower-priced condos on lower floors where the noise is more noticeable.


  • Repayment Burden  Investment involves risk. Even though condos near the Skytrain sell well, there’s still risk involved. Consider carefully whether to buy for long-term residence or rental. If rental income doesn’t meet expectations, repaying the high-cost condo could become a heavy burden.


  • Limited Parking and Common Areas  Due to space constraints, most Skytrain condos have limited parking and smaller project areas compared to farther condos. Green spaces like gardens and playgrounds are also limited. If you have a family with children or need a car, you might need to find a more suitable project.

Balancing the benefits and drawbacks of buying a condo near the Skytrain is crucial to making an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and budget.